DeepSpeed propulsion system achieved the “Seal of Excellence” certification which attests the quality of the project regarding innovation and research from the European Union. This certification is given only to project proposals which are registered in Horizon 2020, the largest investment program intended to strategic initiatives for the Euro area. The program is so selective, that only 3 out of 1000 projects are considered fundable. The projects’ evaluation is assigned to an independent technical/scientific committee which analyzes them using 20 different quality indicators such as idea, strategic innovation, team, project and economic viability. The ‘Seal of Excellence’ certificate will be awarded to the applicants whose proposals are evaluated as above funding threshold.

“The european Commission manages one of the most complete evaluation systems in the world, using international panels of independent experts.”

Jean-Claude Juncker - President of the european Commission

A such great achievement linked to our project is a reward for years of efforts and sacrifices, our goal is to stay focused on this wave: let this milestone be the just the beginning of something bigger.