Powertrain designed for yachts from 30 feet

The DeepSpeed Powertrain is a fully integrated system that includes DeepSpeed jets and all components for energy production and storage.
It is based on a modular layout that can be sized according to project specifications for Full-Electric or Hybrid configurations



DeepSpeed is Jet propulsion:

We have developed a radically new concept of marine propulsion with unmatched performance in terms of:

+ More thrust at any speed

+ Better efficiency

+ Zero noise

DeepSpeed is outboard:

An outboard system brings substantial advantages in terms of installation and safety

+ Only cables pass through the hull, allowing for flexible and safer installation

+ The Powertrain can be placed in space-saving mode, increasing the living space on board

DeepSpeed is both fully electric and hybrid: (up to 22 kW in AC / up to 250 kW in DC)

We have an advanced energy management system that guarantees the best performance, maximum comfort, together with the lowest environmental impact, through fast charging.

+ Fully electric: Zero emissions, no limits for controlled emission zones

+ Hybrid: Same range as conventional propulsion. Thanks to our improved efficiency, emissions are reduced between 12% and 17%

DeepSpeed has a modular layout

We can easily configure the powertrain to provide a TURNKEY solution tailored to customer needs