What are the requirements that my boat must have to be candidated?

The requirements that the boat must have to apply for the Beta Tester program are the following:

  • Length between 12m (39ft) – 24m (78ft)*
  • Load capacity > 1000kg (2204lb)
  • The craft must be new or in a condition “equal to the new”
  • The boat must be accompanied by 3 high-resolution photographs: 2 of the hull clearly visible and 1 showing the space in the engine room
  • The boat location must be specified
  • It must be indicated  if you are already in contact with a service center/construction site at which to carry out installation activities, with our supervision


*It is also possible to apply for boats of different sizes than those required but the application will be considered only for boats whose peculiarity, in the unquestionable judgment of an internal evaluation, justifies an “ad hoc” project.