• Who is the campaign for?

    It’s for all those who want to test an innovative DeepSpeed powertrain on their boat.

    The campaign is open to private shipowners, shipyards and shipping companies.

  • How can I become a Beta Tester?

    Simply fill in the appropriate form by entering the data of the boat you intend to candidate.

    The boat must have the minimum technical requirements indicated in the FAQ. In case of eligibility you will then be included in the list of participants and you’ll have the possibility to be among the Beta Testers raffled off.

    Be sure to check the technical requirements of your boat, because in case of mismatch your application will be rejected without any notice.

  • What are the requirements that my boat must have to be candidated?

    The requirements that the boat must have to apply for the Beta Tester program are the following:

    • Length between 12m (39ft) – 24m (78ft)*
    • Load capacity > 1000kg (2204lb)
    • The craft must be new or in a condition “equal to the new”
    • The boat must be accompanied by 3 high-resolution photographs: 2 of the hull clearly visible and 1 showing the space in the engine room
    • The boat location must be specified
    • It must be indicated  if you are already in contact with a service center/construction site at which to carry out installation activities, with our supervision


    *It is also possible to apply for boats of different sizes than those required but the application will be considered only for boats whose peculiarity, in the unquestionable judgment of an internal evaluation, justifies an “ad hoc” project.

  • What does the Powertrain Beta-Test include?

    The Powertrain Beta-Test includes everything you need to electrify a hull. It’s a pre-production powertrain but with characteristics comparable to those of production except for the battery pack whose autonomy is limited.

    It’s still possible to extend the range, but with additional batteries that will have to be purchased separately.

  • What obligations do I meet if I get a Powertrain Beta-Test?

    SEALENCE will provide the powertrain only after:

    • Signing of a free loan agreement
    • The deposit will be returned at the end of the test after the powertrain is returned
    • The commitment to carry out some test sessions in the presence of SEALENCE staff
    • The commitment to share with SEALENCE telemetry data recorded during normal boat use
    • The commitment to return the installed powertrain in its original condition, except for normal wear and tear, or to purchase the powertrain with an exclusive discount
    • The commitment not to disassemble, tamper with, damage or alter any powertrain component


  • My boat has been selected but I no longer have it or I want to give up for other reasons

    There is no obligation or commitment before signing the Beta-Test contract even if the boat has already been selected.

    Even after the signature of the contract, the end date will be anticipated by common agreement, without prejudice to the other obligations provided for in the previous point.

  • Does it cost anything to receive the Powertrain Beta-Test?

    It is planned to provide a Powertrain on a free loan to use and a fixed contribution to the costs of installation/ removal of the powertrain.

    Installation and removal work will be carried out by a site identified by the selected customer.

    Any additional costs required by the shipyard carrying out the works, which exceed the fixed-cost contribution paid by SEALENCE, will not be covered or reimbursed.

  • How long can I run?

    Entries to the Beta Tester program will close on 30 September 2021, in the following months will be selected boats and owners will be notified by email.

    Any updates or list of selected hulls will also be published on the web page.

  • How long can I keep the Powertrain Beta-Test?

    The choice will be made by mutual agreement before the final assignment.

    Many aspects will be taken into account.

    Indicatively the phase of Beta-Test could be included between 3 and 12 months depending on a series of evaluative elements.

  • What features do the photos of the boat must have?
    • Photos must be in color, in high resolution
    • They must clearly show the craft
    • 2 photos must be of the hull in its entirety, seen from the side and seen from the bow or from the front and 1 further photo must clearly show the space available in the engine room
    • They must not exceed the maximum permitted size of 8MB each
    • They must belong to one of the following formats: . png, . jpg, . jpeg, .pdf.


    If the photos sent do not allow a clear evaluation of the boat, the application will be automatically excluded without any communication.

  • What standards will be adopted at the selection stage?

    The selection will be made at the discretion of an internal jury, which will evaluate several factors including the interest in the type of boat, the simplicity of powertrain installation, the technical characteristics of the hull, the location, the presence of a nearby construction site to do the installation and other variables.

  • I sent my application but I had no answer

    We receive dozens of nominations per day. There is no punctual answer for each nomination.

    The updates will be published through the web page “Beta Tester” on the website www.deepspeed.it.

    The owners of the boats that have passed the preliminary selection will be invited to an online interview in order to verify together the subsistence of all the characteristics to move to the final phase of the selection.

    Any request for an update or request for a reply will be deleted without any notice.

  • Ask now for your Powertrain Beta-Test
    Photos must be: in color, in high resolution, max. 8MB each, allowed extensions: .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .pdf